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@newfrequencyent Sep 11, 17:25

@BoopStats Hey I missed the paper Friday. Is there man on line link for the stats?

@newfrequencyent Aug 21, 15:41

@HillaryClinton Dont you murder people?

@newfrequencyent Jul 29, 09:50

I'm endorsing Gary Johnson for President. Please join me!

@PoliticalCow Jul 29, 04:10

Will Hillary address the Wikileaks tonight? Here’s one about keeping people ignorant

@newfrequencyent Jul 29, 04:10

@MetroPhilly Whos Tom Wolf?

@newfrequencyent Jul 29, 04:09

@NPR we sacrificed Bernie Sanders

@PoliticalCow Jul 29, 04:08

tonight’s the night for #ClintonKane to bring it home #DemsInPhilly. Match made in heaven.

@PoliticalCow Jul 29, 04:08

What’s going with Bill during Chelsea’s speech? Someone call an ambulance, he’s not right #DemsInPhilly

@ElectionPress Jul 29, 04:07

Did you know? 900,000 Veterans Depend on Food Stamps. #EndHunger2016

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 06:26


@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 06:25

@TIME Snowden told the FBI How to find the hacker Assange hinted it was an inside job phone conversations were released today do the math

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 06:23

@CNN I'm from Chicago. I know a Turd when I see one.

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 06:10

@ABC Good!

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 06:08

@nytimes Trump hit his Audience. He had more retweets during their convention than all of them combined. Just saying. The 90's are over.

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 05:58

@WSJPolitics No it isn't.

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 05:56

@PhillyWeekly Yes it smelled as bad as it looks.

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 05:55

@WSJPolitics The Titanic is sinking

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 05:53

@NPR I feel like I just watched the Titanic sink.

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 05:52

@BoopStats Cant wait for Boop Stats to come back

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 05:51

@PoliticalCow What convention did you watch? I feel like I just watched The Titanic sink.

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 04:33

@laurameckler @WSJPolitics @jmpalmieri @HillaryClinton Sanders leaves Democratic Party @DemExitNow

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 04:27

@HillaryClinton @POTUS Because of your Foreign Policy #hillaryforprison

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 04:27

@WSJPolitics Yeah Obama let America down and destroyed lidfe on two continents I guess he'd know.

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 04:25

@adage Following trumps tweets he's getting more retweets and likes than Biden Obama and Hillary combined

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 04:24

@guardian You mean like The Middle East and Eastern Europe. So full of shit. #DemExitNow

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 04:23

@borenmc Then what is he doing with Nato in East Europe and The Middle East? #DemExitNow

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 04:22

@HillaryClinton @POTUS @BernieSanders Sanders leaves Democratic Party. #DemExitNow