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@GabiPaltrova Jul 18, 16:01

Had a dream last night that I had 4 tits...😳

@newfrequencyent Mar 18, 16:43

April 29th we are screening Scumbag at The Philadelphia Independent Festival. @PhillyNow_ @PAfilm @PhillyNow_

@newfrequencyent Mar 18, 16:36

April 29th we are screening Scumbag at The Philadelphia Independent Festival.

@newfrequencyent Mar 06, 13:07

The 2016 13" MacBook Pro Giveaway | The Daily Dot Store via @dailydot

@newfrequencyent Nov 20, 15:05

@BoopStats Help!!!! The cleaning Lady at work threw away this weekends playbook!!!!

@newfrequencyent Nov 19, 19:17

Anyone got yesterdays Playbook?

@newfrequencyent Nov 14, 10:06

@mattharrigan People are seriously talking about doing harm to your family. You made the biggest mistake of your life. Owe up to that shit.

@newfrequencyent Nov 09, 07:49

@lenadunham start packing

@newfrequencyent Oct 21, 17:32

@AngryBirds The code on level 5 is jacked up. I've beat the level four times already and it is not recording it. As if I didnt play at all

@Adweek Oct 20, 10:31

It's debate night. Time for a last look at @Audi's brilliant "Duel" ad, made specifically for the debates.

@tulips_holland Oct 20, 10:26

There is enough space for all of us to stand in the light and grow to our full potential! #travel to the…

@SenSanders Oct 20, 10:23

51 million people in this country have no paid sick leave. Not only is that damaging to our economy, it is morally…

@RavenRocketCat Oct 20, 10:23

Taking skypes today! If ya wanna play you can pay thru googlewallet, venmo, circle pay or amazon GC💖

@VividRadioSXM Oct 20, 10:23

Tune into the @NikkiDelano show at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST💦💦 She will be accompanied by her beautiful guest…

@TheRubPR Oct 18, 18:05

Check out Brazentine's coverage of @Brooklyn_Chase's new @puba site: @newfrequencyent

@newfrequencyent Sep 11, 18:25

@BoopStats Hey I missed the paper Friday. Is there man on line link for the stats?

@newfrequencyent Aug 21, 16:41

@HillaryClinton Dont you murder people?

@newfrequencyent Jul 29, 10:50

I'm endorsing Gary Johnson for President. Please join me!

@PoliticalCow Jul 29, 05:10

Will Hillary address the Wikileaks tonight? Here’s one about keeping people ignorant

@newfrequencyent Jul 29, 05:10

@MetroPhilly Whos Tom Wolf?

@newfrequencyent Jul 29, 05:09

@NPR we sacrificed Bernie Sanders

@PoliticalCow Jul 29, 05:08

tonight’s the night for #ClintonKane to bring it home #DemsInPhilly. Match made in heaven.

@PoliticalCow Jul 29, 05:08

What’s going with Bill during Chelsea’s speech? Someone call an ambulance, he’s not right #DemsInPhilly

@ElectionPress Jul 29, 05:07

Did you know? 900,000 Veterans Depend on Food Stamps. #EndHunger2016

@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 07:26


@newfrequencyent Jul 28, 07:25

@TIME Snowden told the FBI How to find the hacker Assange hinted it was an inside job phone conversations were released today do the math